Tailored CMS, CRM and ERP solutions

You are looking for a very flexible, easy-to-use and scalable CMS to power your web-site? Xaxos, our proven CMS product comes to the rescue providing solutions for a diverse set of requirements. The following list provides a glimpse of its power.

Xaxos key features

  • Completely configurable menu- and content structure
  • Detailed statistics (page views, campaign mail tracking, user activity, …)
  • Customizable user profiles supporting exactly the user data you need per site
  • Powerful Newsletter tool with smart scheduling
  • Different content types: E.g. Article, User Blogs or Polls,
  • Smart widgets to list, display and tease your content
  • Tagging and listing content using user-defined Tag Groups
  • Readable and SEO-friendly URLs
  • Blazingly fast full-text search engine
  • Different layouts based on various attributes (e.g. output channel (device, browser) or user data)
  • Multiple Ad Provider support (e.g. DFP, CommonMedia, etc.)
  • Templates can be localized via the included L10N back-end
  • Upload and resize images to user-defined formats
With our CRM solution "Address" you can manage millions of consumer addresses. "Address" thereby provides the most flexible selection engine on the market (geo-, attribute-, behavior-based).

Address key features

  • Record deduplication
  • Record correction (e.g. spelling mistakes or postal address correction)
  • Pluggable with external information sources (e.g. Robinson list, KlickTel)
  • Detailed history of record changes
"Distributors" is our standard tool for resource- and production planning.

Distributors key features

  • Full product lifetime tracking: from creation, initial packaging until delivery and beyond at its use
  • Stock planning for externalized stock at the customer
  • Detailed statistical analytic support based on powerful filtering options
  • APIs for UPS, DPD, and other shipping companies
  • Production detail view for your customers. Reduce your support overhead by letting you customers access their shipment statistics directly