IT Consulting

We provide a wide range of professional services:

  • Review and Optimization of IT Architectures

    Your IT architecture or processes could be made more effective? We will help you with identifying single point of failures, unsafe standby- or backup- strategies, or just with reducing or eliminating tedious repetitive tasks like manual spreadsheet processing.
  • Code Quality Reviews

    Qualitative and quantitative code review, code coverage and other metrics
  • Toolchain consulting

    You want assistance in optimizing your development or operations toolchain? We will provide advice when it comes to evaluating pros and cons for selecting the best SCM, CI/Automated Testing, Business Intelligence or other toolchain related solution for you.
  • Resolve performance bottlenecks

    • Users expect responsive interactions, otherwise they will be subconsciously or consciously dissatisfied with a service. In the field of web performance, studies show a direct correlation of response times and user conversion. You have a running infrastructure and the user interaction could be more responsive? We will help you with pinning down and resolving performance bottlenecks
    • You are planning a new service and you want to make sure to keep the performance optimized right from the beginning up to the phase when usage is exponentially growing? We will help you with planning the infrastructure and service from the beginning along a broad angle - from a performant and secure network to an optimized CSS rendering of the web application
  • GIS server for Boku Watercluster

    IT Infrastructure Design and Setup

    Your project requires a dedicated resource intensive hosting solution? You need a GIS server for example? We will help you in planning, acquiring, setting up and configuring your hardware and application infrastructure!
  • High-level Application Design

    Your building up an application from scratch for your project idea? You expect the project to scale? We will help you finding the optimal design path along modularity, (a)synchronicity, redundancy, high-availability, scalability and maintainability.
  • Development Advice and Assistance

    • You are looking for the right tool for the job? You are not sure how to fix a major issue without risking stability of the whole platform? We will help you with finding the optimal answers for your tough development decisions!
    • You want to add agility to optimize your software development process? We can advise and train in introducing processes, methodologies and tools for Agile Software Development along Scrum and Kanban.
  • Perl Consulting

    You need Perl development advice, assistance or training? You need support in upgrading you legacy Perl infrastructure? We are a team of Perl experts coming to the rescue. Check out our Perl Consulting area.

We are web-performance activists & specialists

Web Performance matters. Along our web performance philosphy we provide web performance optimization analysis and support.

Consulting in the startup segment

  • Consulting CTO / Technology Strategy advisor

    • You have a business vision but limited knowledge or experience of the technology best fit to launch the company?
    • You are an investor or startup incubator want to supplement your understanding of a new technology?
    • You are an investor or startup incubator, time is short and a project must be pushed forward?
    • You are an investor or startup incubator and want to apply technical due diligence on a project?
    We can provide technical startup consulting services targeted to those scenarios. When launching a startup company, time is of essence and resources are limited. With using a Consulting CTO you on a temporary basis, you can
    • mitigate the risk to stall early
    • mitigate the risk to have redesign and rewrite the initial implementation early because it did not scale with the growth of the company
    • mitigate the risk to dilute your equity early bringing on-board a senior technology partner without having proven the success of the business vision
    • avoid delay and buy time searching for a long-term technology partner
    • make use of the Consulting CTO's experience to select and hire the permanent CTO best fit
    • make sure that from the early stages onward, potential integration implications of products and services for potential customers (or acquirers) are considered.
  • Expert team to bootstrap a solution

    You have a business vision but limited knowledge or experience of the technology best fit to launch the company? We can provide a team of expert developers to bootstrap your solution to e.g. launch a minimum viable product.